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Summertime Fun Camp -- Our day camp is for children 3 through 5 years old, who enjoy gymnastics

Welcome to Summertime Fun!

Backward Bike racingEvery summer, the Camp Director, Tom Brophy, looks forward to planning and running the camp for another year. "Summertime Fun Camp" is always been a fun experience for both the campers and staff. Tom has been operating the camp for over 15 years. He works hard every year to make the camp even more exciting, lively and fun filled than the previous year. Tom strives to create the best camp experience possible for every camper by implementing a flexible camp program with the help of caring counselors with an average of 6 years experience.

Tom is both the Club Manager of Dynamic Gymnastics and a Early Age Gymnastic Coach. Summertime Fun Camp is designed for children from ages 3 years old to 6 years old. It's a regular day camp that specializes in gymnastics as the core theme. The camp uses both the Tom Thumb Preschool facilities, as well as, the Dynamic Gymnastics' gym.

New Before & After Camp programEarly Drop-off and Late Pick-up

This year you have an option of using our "Before and After Camp Program" that allows working parents to have their child cared for a full 9 hours at our safe and fun camp facilities. The day will be comprised of regular day camp and this new program consists of supervised free play and child care. The "Before and After Camp Program" is reasonable priced on a per day. This will give working parents or parents that need more free time greater flexibility with camp traveling arrangements and planning their day. See tuition sheet on the Message Board for the cost of this program. To view a typical camp day click Summertime Fun Camp Brochure, as well as tuition and the camp schedules.

  • Early Drop-off 8:00 AM or 8:45 AM at the Tom Thumb Theater Classroom
  • Late Pick-up 3:00 PM, 4:00 PM or 5:00 PM at the Tom thumb Theater Classroom

New Monday Tumbling Class after Camp sessionMonday Tumbling at 2:30 PM - Supplement Session

Many parents have asked us about an additional session devoted to tumbling. This year we offer a new gymnastics session called "Monday Tumbling" that is held after the regular camp day on Mondays. This is a supplement session that consists of an half hour of supervised free play with a full hour of tumbling. This is for campers that want more gymnastic fun by attending an addition session per week. "Monday Tumbling" will allow a camper to to stay at camp until pick-up at 3:30 PM on Mondays. Please note, since this instructional session requires our qualified gymnastics coaches, as well as, our camp counselors for a total combined duration of 1 1/2 hours, there is an additional fee for this supplement session. "Monday Tumbling" is reasonable priced per session with the flexibility to choose 1 to 6 sessions. See tuition sheet on the Message Board for the cost of this supplement session.

"Monday Tumbling" is also available to students not attending camp. Please see the Office Manager, Isabelle, for further information.

Up to 6 Weeks of Camp

You choose the weeks and number of days per week. If your child is sick or can't make it for a few days, you may schedule make-up days with the front desk. To print the camp registration click on Summertime Fun Camp Registration Form.

Our Camp Purpose and Objectives:

Sun bathing at campWhen it comes to summertime fun for kids, you can count on our Summertime Fun Camp for gymnastics fun every day, as well as, an array of other summer activities that makes camp both an entertaining  and learning experience based on the power of play that includes:

  • Great gymnastics fun
  • Exciting day camp activities
  • Playtime variations
  • Group and individual play
  • Team sports
  • Supervised play and safe environment
  • Supportive counseling

Our goal is to provide the best summer camp experience for your child that is both memorable and delightful. Each camp day we focus on activities and playtime that will:

  • Burn kid energy with fun things to do
  • Provide gymnastic Instructions
  • Provide physical exercise using gymnastics and play
  • Improves motor skills (rough and fine)
  • Challenge the mental and physical with sports, arts & crafts and group play

2010 Summertime Fun Camp Activities

Wet Day at CampAll campers participate in the following planned activities, which are geared to their age group:

  • Gymnastics
  • Games
  • Selective Sports
  • Fishing Games
  • Fantastic Water Play (shaded heated wading pool, water tables & sprinklers)
  • Riding Toys,(go-carts, big wheels, scooters and tricycles)
  • Arts and Crafts
  • 3 outside playgrounds and 2 large inside gyms
  • Tom Thumb Preschool and Dynamic Gymnastics facilities
  • Rainy day activities at the Tom thumb theater Classroom and Music Stage

In addition to our gymnastics and gym games, during rainy days other indoor activities are planned and camper may bring their own computer games and CD's on these rainy days.

To view more details click on 2010 Schedule  and 2010 Tuition for Dynamic Gymnastics Summertime Fun

Separate Gymnastics Classes Only

All non-advanced classes are included in the Summertime Fun Camp at no extra charge. For those children that would like to attend only the gymnastic classes during the camp session, without attending day camp, you may enroll in those classes separately. These students must enroll for a minimum of 4 gymnastics classes to attend them separately. You may choose any days from Monday through Friday. Missed classes may be reschedule through the front desk at Dynamic Gymnastics.

Non-advanced Separate Classes during Camp hours (without attending camp):

Students 3 to 5 years old:   see schedule and tuition.   
Students 1st grade and up:       see schedule and tuition.  

New Girls Only Class after Camp (not include in the camp tuition):

Advanced Girls Class 1st grade and up):  see schedule and tuition.    

Summertime Fun Camp 2010 Enrollment Guidelines

The following are guidelines to make it easy to enroll in Summertime Fun Camp and will allow you to reserve your child's placement in camp:

  • Enroll as early as possible to guarantee your child's placement.
  •  Enrollment is open to children that are either Junior Campers or Senior Campers.
  • Junior Campers are children 3 to 5 years old that have attended a preschool program
  • Senior Campers are children who are entering the 1st grade or higher.
  • Decide on the number of days per week your child will attend
  • Decide on the number of weeks your child will attend
  • Download the 2 page Registration Form and print it (click on Forms)
  • Review the Terms and Conditions and if you accept, fill out the Registration Form and sign it
  •  $100 deposit must accompany your registration
  • Bring your deposit (check or cash for $100) and the completed 2 page Registration Form to either the:
  • Front desk at Dynamic Gymnastics
  • Office Manager at Tom Thumb Preschool, if Dynamic Gymnastics is closed
  • Or mail your Registration Form with your check to the address in the upper right corner of the form.
  • A confirmation will be either e-mailed to you or given through postal mail.
  • The balance of tuition is due no later than June 1st.
  • Summertime Fun Camp begins July 5th through August 13th

During Camp Please Note....

Campers must bring their own lunch that doesn't require refrigeration or heating. Campers must wear their bathing suits to camp and bring fresh dry towel. Water shoes work best for both the water play and playground. No shoe are worn during gymnastics sessions. Please label all belongings and personal items. Each camper will be dry by dismissal time. Each day the camp will provide campers with ice pops, ice cream or cookies.