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About Us -- Dynamic Gymnastics was founded in 1995 to fulfill the Vision to create a safe and caring place

Dynamic Gymnastic Gym

Our Club

We realized our Vision of our club in 1995 as a safe and caring place to nurture and improve the body and mind of young people. We formed our club to offer quality facilities with an an expert staff to deliver exceptional programs. Both Sorin Cepoi and Teodora Ungureanu-Cepoi are the founders, Program Directors and Head Coaches that are involved in every aspect of this business. We coach, supervise or participate in classes and events. We pursue Excellence in Gymnastics for our students, our club and the sport.

Gymnastics Academy from the Beginning

Our gym was specifically designed to be a gymnastic school. The building was completely renovated to our specifications and air conditioned. Our renovations included two in-ground foam pits for vaulting, high bars and extra floor space for routines. Our equipment meets Olympic specifications and is continually inspected for safety. Our staff is trained personally by us and is safety certified through the USA Gymnastics organization.

Sorin and Teodora picture

 Coaching Experience

Sorin and Teodora each have over 32 years of gymnastics, teaching and coaching experience. The husband and wife team have worked as coaches in 3 other gymnasiums;; one in France and two in the USA. In addition, both Sorin and Teodora have 4 years of gymnastics experience in the Italian circus, Troupe Cornea . Previously, both Sorin and Teodora devotedSorin coaching themselves to Olympic training to compete in world events and Olympic competition from 1971 through 1979.


Head Coaches at LaGrenobloise

Sorin and Teodora come with a wide variety of coaching experiences and gymnastics accomplishments. They were Head Coaches in France at the "LaGrenobTeodora coachingloise" Gym which won 2nd place in the Nationals Championships for 4 years. "LaGrenobloise" was the only team in France to have 3 full teams compete in the National Championship. In 1992, their gymnast, Chloe Maigre, competed in the Barcelona Olympics and was an Individual National French Champion.

Education and Certifications

Sorin and Teodora are from Romania. They also speak French and English. Both were awarded a Master of Sports Certificate from the National Council of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest, which was based on their Olympic performances. Each holds a diploma from the Bucharest Institute in Physical Education and Sports with a major in gymnastics. Both are certified coaches of gymnastics. Teodora also has an International Gymnastics Official's Rating and has served as a judge in various competitions. Sorin and Teodora have been the Program Directors of Dynamic Gymnastics since its inception in 1995.

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Helping a student

Teaching Gymnastics

As stated by U.S.A. Gymnastics., "The teaching of skills slowly and in a progressive manner is, without question, a fundamental cornerstone to success and safety in gymnastics." . Improvements in gymnastics are experienced in time, not in a week or a month. Athletes progress at their own pace in an environment that allows the students to be as competitive as is comfortable for them. Winning is a measure of an athlete's own personal efforts and improvements. Gymnastic training should be fun and challenging. Our staff strives to make the gymnastic experience both rewarding and fun for all our students.

Sabina doing floor routineGymnastics Results

We are all aware how quickly children's bodies and minds grow. They need appropriate challenges to develop their full potential. Our gymnastics challenges boys and girls to strive to reach new heights, try new skills and appreciate every accomplishment. Also, our gymnastics offers children a fun way to develop total fitness and body awareness. Coordination and strength will improve with every learned skill. Through their accomplishments students will develop self-discipline and confidence that will help them meet future challenges.

Our Gymnasium

Dynamic Gymnastics Gym

Renovations of the Dynamic Gymnastics building was completed in 1995. Our gymnastics equipment was selected to provide the best professional training and highest level of safety possible. Our gym facilities complements our gymnastics knowledge, expertise and experience.

Over the years, we have coached and trained many of our students to become college bound athletes. As of 2009, 16 of our students have joined college gymnastics teams and 5 students have won gymnastics scholarships to different universities. Of these collegiate competitors, 14 of them continue to train and participate in gymnastics.