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Our Gymnastics Programs have Far-Reaching Effects

Choosing Dynamic Gymnastics!

What Is Important Or Worthwhile To Pursue In Life?

That’s a tough question to answer, even for adults, let alone for young people to ponder about without help. As you know, anything you do in life that’s important or worthwhile has long-lasting effects. To achieve it will take focus and an investment of effort. Understanding this is a life lesson some young people will never learn until they are aging adults. Yet, some learn it at an early age and get a head start to develop both self-reliance and character.

Life Lesson – Investment of Effort

At Dynamic Gymnastics, we teach gymnastics with life lessons in mind. We teach our students to set goals and to do the work to reach their goals. They don’t do this alone.

We coach and mentor every student to help them improve and reach their full potential both physically and mentally, regardless of the gymnastics program they choose. Gymnastic skills are the path we take to help develop young people. For us, there nothing more important than serving and assisting young people in growing and improving.

Far-Reaching Effects

As Head Coaches for 34 years in 4 gyms, Sorin and Teodora have helped shaped the lives of an estimated 15,000 young people with gymnastic training, mentoring, and competing. The experience we gained teaching and coaching them is precious. It has helped us become better coaches and share in the joy and the excitement of our student’s achievements.

The Benefits of Our Quality Gymnastics:

  • Enhances Complex Motor Skills
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Build Coordination & Balance
  • Improve Personal-Control & Discipline
  • Heighten Self-Esteem
  • Improve Confidence
  • Promote Cognitive Functioning
  • Improve Bone Health
  • Lose Weight
  • Improve Muscle Strength
  • Improve Body Posture
  • Reduce Depression
  • Improve Sleep Quality

Our students also benefit from learning new skills and accomplishing their goals. All of our students have gained memorable gymnastics experiences that involve companionship, social events, practice/workouts, and accomplishing new things. They work at routines that may seem unattainable and sometimes just joking around or are playful with teammates. The result is we help develop the individual and build character.

A Brief Mention of Some Our Students

Dynamic Gymnastics has produced some incredible gymnasts who have done quite well. The following is a list of our students that have become outstanding college athletes, some have won scholarships, and many still perform in gymnastics completions today:

  • Kristen Bloom,(1999), a full scholarship to Utah State University, Utah State Star is Bloom-ing
  • Dana Reder, (1999), Cornell University
  • Abby Vedder, (1999), Cornell University
  • Jennifer Robinson, (2000), partial scholarship to James Madison University
  • Kristen Turner, (2000), Cortland University
  • Brooke Hamilton, (2001), a full scholarship to Rhode Island University and competed in JO Nationals, Hamilton Cops Con Ed Award
  • Kathrynne Rutherford, (2001), a full scholarship to Utah State University
  • Jessica Rozenberg, (2002), Ithaca University
  • Allison Marchetti, (2002), Cornell University
  • Colleen Flannery, (2003), Michigan University
  • Megan Connolly, (2003), University of New Hampshire
  • Clare Flannery, (2004), sister of Colleen, Michigan University
  • Rachel Zamora, (2007), University of Maryland, April 18, 2009, finished 3rd on collegiate national championship on beam.
  • Kylie Shields, (2008), a full scholarship to Auburn University
  • Sabrina Vega, (2013), Recipient of the Gymnastics Fans Scholarship Endowment and the Jennifer Moree Gymnastics Scholarship to University of George, competing 2020
  • Riley McCusker, (2015), a full scholarship to University of Florida, competing in 2020
  • Dymiana Cox, (2016), a full scholarship to Pen State University, competing in 2020



dynamic gymnastics students in paris

Team in Paris having fun

dymamic gymnastics high school gymnastics team

Dynamic Gymnastics Team – High School Age

clare flannery

Clare Flannery – previous with a scholorship

Sabrina Vega

Sabrina Vega

rieley mccusker

Riley McCusker

dymiana cox usa gynnastics national championship