Recreational Gymnastics

Boys and Girls with Different Gymnastics Abilities Just for Fun

Dynamic Gymnastics Recreational Program

Join Our Kids Club for Recreational Gymnastics to Have Fun


girls performing recreational gymnasticsAs a Kids Club, we created our Recreational Program based on age and ability to have fun, social interaction, and meet new friends. Although our Recreational Program doesn’t have rigorous competition as in our Team Program, it offers:

  • Have fun with other kids
  • Learn gymnastics from beginner to the advanced level
  • Plan and achieve goal-oriented tasks
  • Challenge the individual
  • Improve physical fitness

 All of our students learn gymnastics with experienced coaches in a Fun and Safe environment and based on age, ability, and current physical fitness. Our classes are designed for the beginner to the advanced level. Classes meet weekly for an hour; please check the schedule for the exact days.

boys performing recreational gymnasticsDynamic Gymnastics stresses fundamentals such as body alignment, posture, correct hand, and foot placement.  Our skill development approach is an enjoyable progression of learning new skills or routines while reinforcing the basics.  We insist on safety as the priority. Each class starts with a 15-minute warm-up and stretching, and then gymnasts perform three sets of 15 minutes progressions. Students will work on Olympic like events each week.

Our staff always monitored each student during their progress with the proper spotting. Sorin and Teodora are both actively involved with each coach to review students’ progress. We review the student’s performance and any shortcomings and recommend actions for improvement. 

boy doing gymnastics


Boys’ Classes – Ages 6 through 16+

We have selected our coaches by looking for 5 essential abilities: Gymnastics expertise and experience Patiently teach gymnastics Help our students reach their goals by using planning, coaching, practice, and encouraging support Collaborate with coaches, listen to our students and advocate what's best for the student's development Become an integral part of our Kids Club as an extended familyFor gymnastics for boys, we focus on developing body strength and character that are essential while growing into a young man. Boys can begin their path to physical fitness by improving their strength, flexibility, and confidence as early as six years old. We offer classes for beginning, intermediate, and advanced gymnastics. Boys’ classes work on all Men’s Olympic like events. These include floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars, and high bars. Boys will also work on a trampoline and in the safety-foam-landing-pits to enhance new skill development and spatial awareness.


girl doing gymnastics

Girls’ Classes – Ages 6 through 16+

girls performing recreatioal gymnasticsFor gymnastics for girls, we focus on developing body strength, flexibility, grace, and character that are essential while growing into a young woman. Our girls’ classes work on all Women’s Olympic like events. These include vault, uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise, and trampoline. The Safety Foam Landing Pits are also used for new skill development. 

Students who show more interest may want attending class twice a week. These students may then be chosen for advanced gymnastics classes by their coach. The next step in skill advancement is to be selected as a member of our pre-team and later for team program.


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