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Early Age Gymnastics

Our Gymnastics Programs

dynamic gymnastics teamDynamic Gymnastics offer comprehensive programs to meet the needs of boys and girls for recreational, and competition gymnastics. Our programs are carefully developed to reach specific goals with different levels of experience. The high quality of our programs is due to our Founders/ Directors (Sorin and Teodora), our experienced staff, and our excellent gym facilities and equipment.

Our staff of experienced and caring coaches tailors gymnastics instructions to the individual and their levels of ability. Whether you are starting your first gymnastics class or have the experience of more than a few years in gymnastics, Dynamic Gymnastics has a class to fit your needs. Our classes are based on United States Gymnastics Federation standards. We work independently with each student at his or her pace and ability level to create a personalized training plan to reach their goals. As the year progresses, our students will refine their gymnastics skills and achieve a feeling of accomplishment and self-confidence.

dynamic gymnastics competitive gymnastics teamFor our more advanced gymnasts, Dynamic Gymnastics can offer advanced level private lessons. One-on-one instruction that is personalized to focus on key deficiencies of the student, as well as, a conditioning regiment, Our approach will allow our more serious gymnasts the opportunity to gain more from the mentoring and skill development from our experienced coaches and supervision and assessment from our Directors.

Dynamic Gymnastics competitive teams participate in several gymnastics competitions for intermediate and advanced gymnastics from local, state, regional, and national to international.

In addition, Dynamic Gymnastics offers Summertime Fun Camp for children starting at age 3. The camp provides up to 6 weeks of both regular day camp activities and gymnastics.

Summary of Dynamic Gymnastics Programs

Early Age Program (Ages 2 through 5

  • Terrific Twos Program
  • Preschool Program
  • Kindergarten Program

Recreational Program (Ages 6 to 16+)

  • Boys’ Classes & Girls’ Classes

Team Program (Ages 5 to 16+)

  • Boys’ Team & Girls’ Team
  • Competitive Levels offered at Dynamic Gymnastics
    • Boys’ Team & Girls’ Team
    • Pre-team (Level 1, 2 & 3)
    • Level 4, 5 & 6
    • Level 7, 8 & 9
    • Level 10
    • Elite

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Our Regular Programs:

Terrific Twos Gymnastics:
- One class of 16 sessions

Early Age Gymnastics:
- One class of 16  & two classes of 17 sessions

Recreational Gymnastics:
- One class of 16, four classes of  18  & one class of 17 sessions

Advanced Gymnastics:
- One class of 16,  one class of 17 & one class of 18 sessions