Dynamic Gymnastics
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Our Staff -- Our Staff is an important part of our Club and we depend on them to continually improve our programs

Our Staff Is Here To Serve Our Students

We are proud that all of our staff members are professional coaches certified by the USA Gymnastics Organization. Our staff is trained and safety certified in accordance with USA Gymnastics. They are also first aid qualified.  Safety is always a priority for us!

Our coaches have strong spotting skills, the proper attitude and enjoy working with kids. Our staff has a mix set of experiences that include Olympians and state and national competitors that have excelled in Gymnastics as a sport. All of our coaches are devoted and focused on fulfilling the Dynamic Gymnastics' Vision and Mission. In addition, we personally train our staff to our own Olympian standards and to pursue Excellence in Gymnastics for all our students and the way we run our gymnastics academy. All staff members have had a full background checks and are honest and hard working.

What We Look for in a Coach

We have selected our coaches by looking for 4 important abilities from caring and responsible candidates:

  • Gymnastics expertise and ability to patiently teach gymnastics
  • Help our students reach their full potential by using strong coaching skills/experience and athletic ability
  • Collaborate with coaches, listen to our students and advocate what's best for the student's development
  • Become an integral part of Our Club and be part of our extended family

Our staff have consistently performed the right coaching to help our students achieve their goals, whether it's simply able to do a back flip or helping qualify our gymnasts to compete on the national level. We are pleased to have helped numerous students become collegiate athletes and also to win scholarship at major universities --  for information regarding our students' successes, please click on Our Students webpage .

Our Coaches

Sorin Cepoi and Teodora Ungureanu-Cepoi

Sorin and Teodora are Head Coaches Position: Program Directors and Head Coaches
Coaching Experience: 32 years each & 24 years each as Head Coaches in 3 gyms
Dynamic Gymnastics: 15 years
Certified: USA Gymnastics Coach , Safety and First Aid
Education: Bucharest Institute Diplomas major in gymnastics &  Master of Sports Certificate by National Council of Physical Education and Sport in Bucharest
Accomplishments: Numerous medals, see  Founder/Director webpage for details

Tom Brophy

Tom Brophy Coach Position: Club Manager, and Early Age/Recreational Coach
Coaching Experience: 15 years
Dynamic Gymnastics: 15 years
Certified: USA Gymnastics Coach, Safety and First Aid
Education: Attended certificate seminars  trained for this position by Sorin & Teodora
Accomplishments: 15 years of operations and facility management of Dynamics Gymnastics, coaching and working with over 3,000 kids to date

Dana Balasa

dana Balasa renown Choreographer Position: Consultant Choreographer for Competitions (lives in France)
Coaching Experience: 24 years experienced composing floor routines, choreograph only after evaluating our student's dance, tumbling, flexibility and strength. 
Dynamic Gymnastics: 10 years, travels periodically to Dynamic Gymnastics
Certified: Uses the computer to compose floor routine and remixes music
Education: Universitatea Tehnica 'Gh. Asachi' din Iasi 1985 — 1991
Accomplishments: Former International Romanian gymnast coached by Bala and Martha Karoliy and Dance Director for USGTC Camp

Vasile Viorel Lataretu

Vasile Viorel Lateretu Coach Position: Competition and Recreational Coach and Boys Team Coach
Coaching Experience: 4 years
Dynamic Gymnastics: 4 years
Certified: USA Gymnastics Coach, Safety and First Aid
Education: Physical Education, major in Gymnastics degree from University of Bucharest
Accomplishments: Competed for the Romanian National Team from 2000 to 2007

Cindy Gurka

Cindy Gurka Coach Position: Competition, Early Age and Recreational Coach
Coaching Experience: 3 years
Dynamic Gymnastics: 3 years
Certified: USA Gymnastics Coach, Safety and First Aid
Education: Attending Westchester Community College
Accomplishments: Level 10 gymnast, Competed in 2005 at Junior Olympic Nationals

Christina-Marie Reindl

Christina-Marie Rendall Position: Competition and Early Age and Recreational Coach
Coaching Experience: 9 years
Dynamic Gymnastics: 9 years
Certified: USA Gymnastics Coach, Safety and First Aid
Education: Elementary Education Teacher degree from Mercy College (2006)
Accomplishments: Great deal of experience in preschool and advance gymnastics